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Welcome to Hill Side Border Collies.  Border Collies can be very beneficial to any Farm, for trialing, or as a pet.  After fulfilling my commitment to the United States Air Force I found myself back in to the good state of North Carolina wanting to find a way to get stuff done on the farm easier.  I watched several types of dogs work in different trials and on farms and come to the conclusion if i wanted a dog that can do anything i wanted then i better go with the Border Collie.  I purchased my first dog and from there it was something that i have enjoyed ever since.  I have learned a lot from other handlers and have found that training dogs is something i really enjoy.  My dogs have qualified for the national cattle finals for the past several years.  I use my dogs on a daily bases to work anything from stoker calves to ducks.  It is my goal to produce quality stock dogs that will work rank cattle when needed but be able to be trailed on the weekend . If you have any questions about your dog  or any of mine please feel free to contact me. I really enjoy meeting new people and sharing information that might help you and your dog.

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