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Farm City Day 2012 Hendersonville NC

I will show how dogs are used to load livestock into trailers and corrals, used to sort, and how they can fetch livestock from a long distance.   The public generally are not aware of the capabilities of the border collie.  I enjoy educating the public in a fun relaxed way. It doesnt madder if you are a 2 year old or 80 year old you will leave with at least one thing they have never seen  or heard of before.

Kids petting the baby lambs

Demonstating directions that we teach are dogs

Niko getting attention from local spectator

Herding demonstrations are something i really enjoy doing.  i bring sheep and ducks to your location and educate everyone on the history behind the border collie,  quick overview of the steps i use when training dogs, and do entertaining things with the dogs to make it fun and enjoyable to everyone.

I will set up a miniature obstacle course showing how a normal cattle/sheep trial is run, going over what the objective of a trail is and how it helps farmerss that use there dogs on the farm.

I will demonstrate some of the techniques i use to train dogs from when they are on there first day of training to when a trained dog comes in and just needed polishing.