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Stock Dog Training is something i really enjoy.  Every  border Collie is different in some way and the goal to get them all trained to a certain point is a challenge and a challenge i continue to enjoy overcoming.  Everyone has different views of what they want there dog to be able to achieve.  Training is something that you must continue on a dog day after day.  Dogs coming in for training for an outrun, basic flanks or if they want them fully trained to be a trial dog will have to have more work on them eventually.  i will try to give you the guidance you will need to succeed and to make sure your dogs training is what you are expecting.

There are different ways to go about getting your dog trained.  If you are the type of person who wants to be hands on and be involved in teaching your dog 

                                                                                         then you may be interested in just taking lessons.  If you just want to drop your dog off for training and pick  up when finished than that is perfectly fine as well.  I can train your dog to do what you want for the most part as long as your dog is willing,  the hard part is keeping the dog trained when it leaves my place.  i will do whatever it takes for you to understand what is needed to keep your dogs training up to par.  If you would like to record me working your dog so that you can look back on it when you get home than that is fine.  If you prefer to leave your dog for a period of time i will give you two lessons for free so that you understand how to handle the dog and explain the reasons your  dog does what the do.

 If you are interested in training please contact me so i can schedule your dog.  If you are interested in lessons i am usually free on Saturdays and feel fee to call and reserve a day.

                                         Pet boarding

                                                                                          email for availability and pricing

Stock dog training $550.00 per month


-Dogs food for the month


-monthly worming ( if you want)

-5 working days a week at least